Better Solr support on platform [FEAT - 1010]

Currently we run into Solr issues on production, like an index just randomly stops working. As a large enterprise, our team cannot simply run a drush command on production to fix the problem. In fact, we cannot even troubleshoot the problem as when you copy down your LIVE environment to a multidev, the SOLR server (data) does not come with it. So we are blindly running drush commands against production and hoping that fixes an issue.

If the solr data (like database/files) could be cloned down to a multidev, we could at least troubleshoot the issue and have confidence in our deployment/action against LIVE.

Thanks for the feedback on this. Great idea on being able to bring the solr data around for debugging. I’ll share this with the team.

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I am so sorry I forgot to reply here @dpagini! This was excellent feedback! :slight_smile: @scott.buscemi I already created a JIRA epic for this so I can share that with you & the team.

Keep the wonderful feedback coming Dave! :star2:

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